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Apr 17 2014

today is garbage. i’m just going to watch madoka. someone get me a six pack of sapporo.

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Apr 16 2014

i’m watching the first madoka movie (of three). in it we get this special message:


then we learn from madoka’s mother:


true dat boo. so that means social justice is actually very fun because it is painfully impossible. it reminds me of that cupcake fascism article that’s been going around. the magical girl above represents the infantilized position, while madoka’s mother represents the childlike radical potential that avoids infantilization, which is not in fact a paradox. to quote the last line from cupcake fascism, “if we want to be less infantilised, we have to behave more like children. If this seems like a paradox, it must mean that you are just not thinking about the matter dialectically enough.” and we are left with madoka’s epiphany:


very good job, everyone. continue the struggle.

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Apr 15 2014

listening to this. it’s cave in’s “until your heart stops.” fitting because i’m in a food coma from an eggplant parmesan sandwich. green tea disperses the fat build up.

Apr 14 2014

maybe work today. maybe. chapter three is over in approximately four pages. transanalyze the legal ISA! i dreamed about crossing the border to visit my friend in montreal. i attempted to go through the dialogue in french and just barely stumbled through it. i thought the verb visiter was a false cognate, but it’s not. oops. i paid my $180 tuition for the last time, and received an email from nyu inviting me to apply to their master’s program in social thought, boasting a 30% tuition thing, NO THANKS. yesterday i officially turned down university of oregon’s offer, and with it my opportunity to live in a temperate climate. suny buffalo is locked in! five more years!!

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Apr 13 2014

work is not working. srsly no works today.

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Apr 09 2014

dear marxists who won’t leave the 19c,

you could at least read engels too.



"These terms [left/right politics] gained wide currency throughout the Western cultural sphere. […] But some experts think that they no longer reflect the complex political, economic and social dimensions of African politics." YA THINK?! DID THEY EVER?!

spoiler: the article ends with a message to open africa up to the “free market.” WOWOWOWOWOW COOL IDEA.

Apr 07 2014
Mar 30 2014

following anger and shock, you will accept queer transformations!

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Mar 29 2014

i returned from buffalo thursday. all the period lit peeps (medieval, early modern, modernists) kept trying to push their stuff on me which was exhausting, especially while trying to get drunk for free in a couple old profs’ house. “i’m a theory head.” “yeah but don’t forget…[white anglo historicism won’t die!]” how could i ever with all these reminders. luckily the english phd program has zero restrictions/requirements on classes. i may take some stuff in behavioral neuroscience on animal behavior and biological stress reactions. there’s also a class on abnormal psychology which reads more classical texts on the topic. i’m really tempted, and maybe i can stomach it, but it seems unwise because i’m sure they’ll try to convince me there are more than three diagnostic categories and punish me when i say no.

they loaded me up with 8 back issues of umbr(a). this year is the last issue:

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